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Cute Haksaeng Collection : Re - Make Version

~I'm sure right now..L already meet his new owner.And they live happily ever after:)~

Honestly, ini lah chibi plush yang paling mencabar..Why?? Coz it a remake version 
(original version : http://yu-ie.blogspot.com/2011/12/cute-haksaeng-student-collection.html ). Owh..so susah giler..Almost give up.Finally siap jugak..

Untuk this remake version, i ubah suai sikit baju L, i buat ala-2 baju artis k-pop gitu (wow L..U look so stylo) ..see..potong serong..and ade initial L kat baju:)..~Really hope that yang tuan punya will love L.~

L, Be good ya..don't b noty

"Noona..i'm shy"

"Don't be shy L,be cool..See I'm COOL:)"

P/s : haha..Really love amber in invincible Youth 2.She really make Girl wanna go gay..lol

3 Responses so far

  1. Ms.fida says:

    Today,received a cute lil gift box :) ! Its 'bling bling with glitters all over the place' hee.Mr.L is really cute like K-pop hunk lalalala,thanks 'noona' for make me smile non-stop all day long hehehe!

    Ms.fida & Kitties.

  2. U-ie says:

    Tq Ms.fida..I'm glad u like it(^.^)v

  3. U-ie says:

    SOLD OUT-No Remake Version For This Collection-TQ-

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